More is at stake for our great city than ever before. While much progress has been made over the last few years, more work is needed to keep moving Chicago forward to ensure that taxpayers and their families have access to good-paying jobs, great schools and school choices that offer every child access to a high-quality education, safe neighborhoods and a fiscally sound city government. Chicago’s upcoming municipal election will serve as a critical juncture – and an opportunity – to ensure that our city has leaders who will be strong advocates for these priorities.

That’s why we are launching Chicago Forward, an issue advocacy organization that will be actively engaged in the 2015 Municipal elections supporting candidates who demonstrate a shared commitment to these priorities. Chicago Forward will seek to create a dialogue with Chicagoans to ensure they are educated on the challenges facing our city through issue awareness, voter mobilization and independent engagement activities.

While Chicago Forward will not donate directly to any candidate’s campaign, it will advocate on behalf of candidates through a series of independent expenditures to ensure that voters understand where candidates stand on critical issues facing our city.

We look forward to a rigorous and engaging discussion with voters across the city regarding Chicago’s future leading up to the 2015 municipal election. Thank you.

Becky Carroll
Chairman and CEO

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